Kernel Lamp – Effective Vitiligo Phototherapy: Before and After

The UVB lamp for phototherapy works, but it takes time to see the first results. Look at the pictures of the vitiligo phototherapy before and after. We have not achieved results from medications.

UVB Light for Vitiligo: A Real Story of Cure & Happy Childhood

My 10-year-old daughter began to suffer from vitiligo five years ago. The first symptoms started with spots without pigmentation on the feet and hands, and then they began to appear on the body, face, and neck. We went to different clinics, and they diagnosed generalized vitiligo.

Our insurance did not cover the remedy. One doctor suggested UVB light for vitiligo: irradiating skin areas without pigmentation with ultraviolet rays. He said it’s enough to purchase a lamp and undergo treatment at home. We agreed, and he prescribed the UVB lamp KN-4006A/B. But he warned that after the first procedures, we should not wait for immediate changes.

Also, I think it is important to note that it is necessary to follow all the instructions of your derma doctor concerning the duration of warming up with UVB light for vitiligo. He ordered us to start with 30 seconds at the stain, to handle the procedure every other day. My daughter has many stains, it takes an hour to warm up all damaged areas.

We have been undergoing treatment for 4 months and only now notice the positive changes of vitiligo phototherapy before and after. The main thing in the therapy is patience and consistency. The device is working! If you face a similar problem, contact your dermatologist for a prescription. I also want to note such advantages of using a UVB lamp for vitiligo as:

Lightweight and compact size. After the procedure, I put it in the closet. If necessary, you take the device with you on the road and carry out procedures.

  • The comfortable hand-held design. For an hour of warming up, I do not get tired.
  • Small lamps allow me to process only diseased parts of the skin.
  • The built-in-timer. It reminds me of the warming-up time for each spot.
  • Changes from Vitiligo Phototherapy: Before and After

If you have patience and follow the instructions of the doctor, you will get a stable positive result. The UVB lamp for vitiligo will make life easier and allow you to enjoy all its pleasures. Now my daughter wears dresses and skirts, blouses with short sleeves and is not shy about her body. See for yourself while taking a look at the pictures!

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