KN-4003A/BL2/D model is a UVB lamp with unique spectral LED energy light distribution for safe skin condition treatment. It has an emission peak that equals to 311 nm. Applying of Kernel handheld lamp is advisable for patients with all types of bacterial, parasitic, and fungal skin infections. It successfully treats all forms of Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, etc. The availability of the special comb and hair isolator allows the use of the KN-4003A/BL2/D model for scalp treatment.

The model has the waterproof covering and a small size that makes it appropriate to take a portable UVB device out. It is suitable for home-based treatment. The lamp has a well-thought operational mode. It has an OLED screen on the top of the body. The indicator light informs about the start and finish of the session. The built-in timer and mobile support are available. For more comfortable treatment procedures, manufacturers added electronic prescription and an SD card slot. Supplementary packaging details are UV glasses and a power adaptor.

KN-4003A/BL2/D model provides ultraviolet illumination that minimizes potential side effects (itching and redness of the skin). One UVB light session lasts 1-4 minutes. The longevity of the phototherapy procedure depends on the skin condition to be treated (primary stage of the dermal disease, chronic form, etc.). First results are visible right after several home-based or clinic sessions.

The Kernel lamp is approved by the FDA and CE. It is recommended by professional dermatologists. This model is advised to patients both for clinical-based medical purposes and at-home procedures. The risk to face side effects and discomfort is low. Patients with extremely sensitive skin can count on careful UVB light processing that does not cause burns. Complementary to absolute safety and international healthcare certifications, the qualitative UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D is reasonably priced.

The Kernel phototherapy device is a must for people who suffer from swollen, irritated, and broken skin. The result is 100 % guaranteed by manufacturers. The treatment will not bring uncomfortable sensations and pain. Buy UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D officially from the official distributor online – order an efficient UVB lamp at an attractive price.

Main Characteristics:

  • Type: Narrowband UV Lamp
  • Model Number: KN-4003A/BL2/D
  • Structure: Hand-held
  • Wavelength: 311nm
  • Lamp Life: 500h
  • Lamp Intensity: 0.6-2.5mW/cm2
  • Light Source: UVA Light
  • Work Distance: 50 mm
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Built-in Battery: Yes
  • OLED screen: Yes
  • SD card slot: Yes
  • Electronic Prescription: Yes
  • Internal power: 1*9W-NBUVB
  • Battery: 1*8W-NBUVB
  • Charging time: 6h
  • Battery Endurance: 2.5h

Packaging Details:

  • Rechargeable Li-ion Battery – 1
  • Hair Comb for Scalp Treatment – 1
  • UV Glasses – 1
  • Power Adaptor – 1
Other conditions
Plaque Psoriasis Atopic Dermatitis Generalized Vitiligo Erythema
Guttate Psoriasis Contact Dermatitis Segmental Vitiligo Pityriasis Rosea
Inverse Psoriasis Dyshidrotic eczema Universal Vitiligo Erosion
Pustular Psoriasis Nummular eczema Lip-tip Vitiligo Ulcer
Erythrodermic Psoriasis Seborrheic Dermatitis
Psoriatic arthritis Stasis Dermatitis

Results before and after

Name: Laura, 31 years old
Skin Condition: Vitiligo
Treatment Time: 8 weeks
Number of session: 24
Average treatment time: 7 min
Skin type: IV
Location: Hands, body
Equipment: UV lamp KN-4006BL1/D

UV lamp KN-4003BL

UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 5 UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 6

Name: David, 19 years old
Skin Condition: Psorias
Treatment Time: 22 weeks
Number of session: 44
Average treatment time: 3 min
Skin type: III
Location: Scalp
Equipment: UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D

UV lamp KN-4003BL

UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 7 UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 8

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the US FDA has approved the products we sell for distribution in the US (FDA K132643).


Yes, all of the UVB lamps in our online store use Philips Narrowband UVB 311nm bulbs. The lamps are categorized to help you locate our products in search engines. Please consult with your doctor to determine if UVB phototherapy is appropriate for your skin condition.


The UVB Lamps we sell only use Philips bulbs. Philips rates the normal life of the bulb for 1,000 hours; the UVB Lamp manufacturer recommends replacing the bulb after 350 hours of use.


Only your doctor can determine whether UVB phototherapy treatment is appropriate for you if your skin condition is currently being treated (or has recently been treated) with another method.


Only your doctor can determine a most effective, safe, and appropriate dosing schedule for your skin disorder.



Additional information

Lamp Intensity

Mobile Application


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11 reviews for UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D

  1. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9

    Marie-Christine Morasse

    I hated atopic dermatitis I was afflicted with. This skin condition covered my neck, arms, palms, zone under knees.. I have found my rescue in the UVB lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D. Only imagine, no helpless losions, pills I spent thousands of dollars a year on. Now, I am absolutely satisfied. Greeting to all from Arizona!

  2. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9


    My son has scalp psoriasis. He is 17 years old. This model has a special comb for phototherapy. The UVB lamp is absolutely easy-to-use – the countdown timer regulates the procedure duration. But I wish the battery would be more powerful. Teenagers are so forgetful. So, sometimes my son does not want to wait for the battery charge and go about his businesses.

  3. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9

    Marcus, 32 years old

    My husband was a big baseball cap lover. But this preference was only the way to hide his scalp fungus. Men dislike treating skin conditions. Once he agreed to try one lotion against his skin condition but there was no effect. My husband was disappointed and decided to purchase new caps instead of any treatment. Three month ago we stumbled across a website with UVB lamps. I realized that this is one more chance we should use for sure. I do not remember how I got his consent to buy this device. Nevertheless, I am thankful to manufacturers for this therapeutic lamp. My husband felt the difference after several sessions. Scalp itch, irritation became less sensitive. Now he is proud with his hair and feels comfortable without baseball caps. Frankly speaking, it is the only one effective way that we tried for fungus healing and stayed satisfied with the passing results. The lamp is waterproof and lightweight. When my husband had to go away on business, he took the UVB device out. Of course, we were waiting for faster results. But it is not important because the efficiency of phototherapy is obvious. We are ready to continue treatment even without immediate effects most lotion makers guarantee. Recommendations from our family!

  4. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9

    Peter, 22 years old

    I think that we live in the wonderful world where it is possible to find new methods to win in the battle with skin conditions! I am a living example that phototherapy really works! First, I was skeptical when my girlfriend bought a UVB lamp for her mom. And then I saw the top result ever. Eczema on her elbows disappeared! I have suffered from scalp eczema from my childhood. It was my sacred goal to heal my skin from eczema. I bought a special lamp with a hand-held wand and a comb for my scalp. By the way, it has waterproof coverage and a compact size. To say that I am glad with the results is to say nothing!!! The only weak spot I want to note is a pricey cost. Nevertheless, this price can be not affordable only for me or young people like me. Nevertheless, I made the right choice. I decided to purchase a healing tool instead of the road bike I dreamt. I spent about $400 but it is really worth it. The UVB lamp is my rescue. Now everything has changed – I am an absolutely satisfied fellow with my reflexion in the mirror. You cannot even imagine how many problems I left behind with this awful skin condition! Discomfort with my appearance, irritation, poor sleep, and lack of self-confidence are things of the past. Congrats to me!

  5. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9


    My doctor prescribed me a phototherapy treatment a year ago. I decided to buy this model for home-based sessions. By the way, my insurance covered 80 % of the UVB cost. Everything is OK. My skin is better month by month. My doctor says that remission will be soon but I cannot wait anymore. My 4 stars for a good device and my overlong way to my eczema recovery.

  6. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9

    Jennifer, 38 years old

    I cannot describe the ultimate feeling of freedom when I went into remission. Psoriasis attacked my scalp for more than 15 years! My younger sister found this lamp and suggested it to me. Of course, I decided to advise my dermatologist first. But no contradictions were seen. And I started my phototherapy at home. I had sessions in the evening after work. The only side effect I had – skin redness right after procedure. But it is impossible to compare with skin dryness I felt all my life. It was terrible to wash hair, to wear caps and hats, to comb every morning. Scalp irritation was awful! No, after 10 months of treatment, I can sincerely say – I am free, I wake up every morning in a perfect mood. Full credit must go to this unbelievable UVB lamp. It is easily operated, it has a low weight, and I used it even on our family vacation. My son installed a mobile application to control the process better. My experience is excellent and complaint-free. I think that it is the best way to heal skin nowadays. The most necessary aspect – it is absolutely safe and convenient. The price is also affordable. Moreover, I know that the UVB lamp is a cross-functional one. It means that not only my psoriasis can be treated with the help of phototherapy. My colleague treats her eczema by means of this apparatus as well. Change your life as me. I am very happy! Look at BEFORE and AFTEr photos to see the difference!

  7. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9


    It was my last hope to treat my seborrheic skin condition. And I was very surprised when after years of struggling I found a UVB lamp, the model KN-4003A/BL2/D. I highly recommend phototherapy for those who have seborrheic dermatitis as me! Amalia, 31 years old, New York.

  8. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9


    I have treated annoying scalp seborrheic eczema last of all! I am 25 years old and now I am ready to state that I am eczema free! I recommend the lamp because it is an affordable method of treatment in comparison with expensive ($200 per blister a month) pills that do nothing good.

  9. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9


    I changed my skeptical attitude to phototherapy at all. My treatment of scalp ringworm does not depend on doctors. I do everything at home. I charge the lamp one time a week. The battery charge is enough for everyday 1-minute sessions. 3 stars from me because I was waiting for the parcel with a lamp for more than a week. No, the problem is in my incorrect address but you see – this situation killed my 5-star intention 🙂

  10. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9

    Charles Souza

    Vitiligo was my nightmare – I have always felt inhibition. My mother found a good skin specialist who made a lot of tests before prescribing this lamp. I have bought it online, the UVB lamp was delivered in several days. I like the packaging suit – the manual, a special hair comb, goggles. I was doing everything according to instructions during 4 months and now I am free! Yes, it was difficult to wait for the remission stage. Nevertheless, the result is worth it.

  11. UV lamp KN-4003A/BL2/D | UVB Cure | 9


    My derma doctor was the first who recommended this device to me. One month of treatment sessions and I did away with elbow-based sites of psoriasis. I’d like to mention an affordable price and comfortable UVB lamp use at home. 5 stars for sure!

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