KN-4003AL/BL model is an ultraviolet portable lamp for skin condition treatment. It has a unique UVB light distribution for efficient healing of all known forms of. Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, etc. Other skin conditions caused by infection, bacterial triggers, parasites, allergens, fungus agents are successfully healed by this Kernel lamp. Its emission peak is 311 nm that is necessary for safe UVB time-constrained sessions. Scalp phototherapy is available with the KN-4003AL/BL model because it obtains a special comb and hair isolator for this purpose.

The device is lightweight, portable, compact and easy-operational. Its handheld design allows the use of the Kernel lamp at home. The package includes such supplementary details as UV glasses, a power adaptor, and a manual. The display is located on the top of the lamp’s body. The built-in reflector aims to increase the level of exposure. Additionally, there is a timer and automatic shutdown option for more comfortable use.

KN-4003AL/BL produces UVB illumination that is necessary for treatment with minimum risks of skin breakage and potential side effects. Sessions last no more than 3-4 minutes. Skin redness and itchiness are excluded due to the 311 nm emission peak. The first results are visible after several sessions of phototherapy. The longevity of each procedure is regulated by various factors: doctor’s prescription, the form of the disease, the level of the patient’s skin sensitivity, etc.

Phototherapy sessions with this Kernel model can be held both in the clinic and at home. Dermatologists recommend it for home-based use because the device is approved by FDA and CE. Most dermal cabinets are equipped with this Kernel model as well. Both primary stages of dermal diseases and chronic skin conditions are well treated with the help of this narrowband device. Alongside its improved level of safety and international healthcare licenses, the qualitative UV lamp KN-4003AL/BL is reasonably priced.

Patients with irritated, swollen, oozing skin can find the KN-4003AL/BL model the most efficient method in between desirable remission. The manufacturer guarantees 100 % pain-free results to patients with Vitiligo, Psoriasis, Eczema, Dermatitis, Erythema, Ringworm, and other skin illnesses. Buy UV lamp KN-4003AL/BL officially – our company is an official distributor of the Kernel product range. Order a modern UVB lamp right today!

Main Characteristics:

  • Type: Narrowband UV Lamp
  • Model Number:
  • Structure: Hand-held
  • Wavelength: 311nm
  • Lamp Life: 500h
  • Lamp Intensity: 0.6-2.5mW/cm2
  • Light Source: UVA Light
  • Work Distance: 50 mm
  • Internal power: 1*9W-PUVA / 1*9W-NBUVB
  • Display: Yes
  • Built-in timer: Yes
  • Built-in reflector: Yes

Packaging Details:

  • Hair Comb for Scalp Treatment – 1
  • UVB Lamp – 1
  • UV Goggles – 1
  • Manual (Instructions) – 1
Other conditions
Plaque Psoriasis Atopic Dermatitis Generalized Vitiligo Scalp Erythema
Guttate Psoriasis Contact Dermatitis Segmental Vitiligo Ulcer
Inverse Psoriasis Dyshidrotic eczema Universal Vitiligo Erosion
Pustular Psoriasis Nummular eczema Lip-tip Vitiligo Scalp Ringworm
Erythrodermic Psoriasis Seborrheic Dermatitis
Psoriatic arthritis Stasis Dermatitis

Results before and after

Name: Leila, 22 years old
Skin Condition: Vitiligo
Treatment Time: 97 min
Number of session: 25
Average treatment time: 4 min
Skin type: III
Location: Full body
Equipment: UV lamp KN-4003BL

UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 4 UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 5

Name: Jenifer, 20 years
Skin Condition: Psorias
Treatment Time: 36 min
Number of session: 18
Average treatment time: 2 min
Skin type: II
Location: Scalp
Equipment: UV lamp KN-4003BL

UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 6 UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 7

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, the US FDA has approved the products we sell for distribution in the US (FDA K132643).


Yes, all of the UVB lamps in our online store use Philips Narrowband UVB 311nm bulbs. The lamps are categorized to help you locate our products in search engines. Please consult with your doctor to determine if UVB phototherapy is appropriate for your skin condition.


The UVB Lamps we sell only use Philips bulbs. Philips rates the normal life of the bulb for 1,000 hours; the UVB Lamp manufacturer recommends replacing the bulb after 350 hours of use.


Only your doctor can determine whether UVB phototherapy treatment is appropriate for you if your skin condition is currently being treated (or has recently been treated) with another method.


Only your doctor can determine a most effective, safe, and appropriate dosing schedule for your skin disorder.



Additional information

Lamp Intensity

Mobile Application

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11 reviews for UV lamp KN-4003BL

  1. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8


    I like its wand design. Moreover, the special comp is just for my scalp psoriasis to treat. The phototherapy brought results that I did not dream about during the pill treatment. I ordered KN-4003BL online at an affordable price.

  2. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8


    I use it for psoriasis treatment but not for a scalp one. That is why this comb is not comfortable for me. Maybe someone likes it. I do not know. Apart from that, everything is OK. Now I bought another model – UV lamp KN-4003BL. This device is more comfortable for my everyday sessions.

  3. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8

    Jodi W

    I bought the lamp in an online shop, waited for it for 2-3 days only, and started my home treatment. Instruction is detailed, I used built-in timer settings once, and then only turned the lamp on and off. I see how eczema sites on my palms become smaller but I want faster results.

  4. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8


    I have a bad sight so for me the screen is too small. Generally, I am satisfied with the lamp and results of my home phototherapy. I have 2-minute sessions in the evening, it is very comfortable in comparison to everyday visits to deramtologist’s.

  5. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8

    Margaret, 34 years old

    I work with people and I really sweat it about my atopic dermatitis on palms. No attractive rings and bracelets, no nail style will bring your skin a good-looking healthy condition. Having interviewed people, I was prone to anxiety during our talk more than a job candidate. I realized that it is time to change it and put all helpless lotions wall-to-wall standing on my bathroom shelves away. My friend is a derm doctor and she said that phototherapy is one of the most effective ways to treat skin conditions of any degree of complexity. I have decided to order a hand-held UV lamp to heal my palms. It was the best decision in my life. An affordable price and a modern design of my novelty were the only first strengths I found. Right after the first session I understood that there are no discomfort feelings I used to experience when I daubed my hands with lotions. In a week I saw my first results – broken skin around my thumbs became less dry. In a month I realized that atopic dermatitis decided to leave my body! I took a photo at the beginning of the phototherapy and the passing result for now. My treatment goes on for about 3,5 months. I recommend people with eczema and dermatitis to try this UV lamp. Do not be afraid of side effects – as for me, I have none of them. Now I visit a nail master once a week and gesticulate away actively. I am proud of my beautiful hands and the same I wish to you – love your body!

  6. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8

    Nelly, 26 years old

    I saw some crusting on my baby’s scalp. My decision was to visit the dermatologist’s cabinet as soon as possible. This pretty woman suggested some special shampoo for me to buy. She said that nothing serious, just some kind of infantile sensation. However, after a month of treatment I did not notice any positive effect. I was disappointed because my son started to scratch his scalp and sleep badly. I understood that the diagnosis was made wrong. Another derm doctor was more experienced and saw the scalp seborrheic dermatitis from the very beginning. I was afraid of the progress of the skin condition and was ready for any needful measures. But I was surprised when phototherapy was recommended to us. I could not imagine how a small kid would pass sessions under a UVB lamp but, of course, I bought this device. The result was astonishing. I just explained to my baby that it is a special comb that will shine bright when your favourite song will be played. Right after the first session it became our favorite everyday activity. Just look at our BEFORE-AFTER photos. Now, after several months of phototherapy skin is almost healthy. My son is not afraid to comb hair because this procedure is painless for him. He sleeps sweetly and smiles more often! My 4 stars are because of a previous awful experience I had. At the same time I have no complaints but many thanks to manufacturers of UVB lamps. You are my saviours!

  7. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8


    My dermatologist ran a check-up and prescribed me a 4-month phototherapy. I contacted the online shop of UVB lamps and asked for the model for my allergic eczema condition. I live in Morton, in error I ordered KN-4003AL/BL to Saint John where I lived before. Too long delivery in my case 🙁

  8. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8

    J. Hall

    We use a UV lamp KN-4003AL/BL with my husband together – I treat my segmental face vitiligo skin condition, and he tries to do away with his chronic atopic dermatitis. We are pleased with our passing results. We spent about $300 for a lamp purchase that is third of our clinic treatment for a month!

  9. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8

    Julia, 28 years old

    I hated my body. I dreamt about healthy skin all my life. Plaque psoriasis made me underconfident. Broken skin on my arms disturb me with pain and unpleasant feelings in the daytime and at night. I have three dermatologists and they advised various lotions that did not help. I spent a lot of money on treatment and was totally exhausted with no way out. Four months ago I found on the Internet the description of this lamp and decided to buy it. I was interested in its home-based usage that is comfortable for me, a housewife with 2 small kids. The device is very convenient, I carry it everywhere in my small bag. The lamp burns carefully. I’m loving its built-in timer. It makes sessions fuss-free because children sometimes divert me from the procedure with their needs. One purchase and a lot of happiness! You can take a look at photos of my arms before and now. The difference is huge! Only imagine that a dozen of sessions brought me such an excellent result! I forgot how it is to scratch myself. I buy new tops and sleeveless dresses! It is a dream, my dream that came true! I hope that soon I will go into a remission and will have absolutely healthy skin! I know that I deserve it and I will do everything for it with my reliable assistant – my UV lamp. 5 stars form me, certainly!

  10. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8


    Very easy operation and light weight. It was the last chance to outdo my psoriasis and managed to use this opportunity. I did not find a better variant even for a more expensive price.

  11. UV lamp KN-4003BL | UVB Cure | 8


    A good device for scalp psoriasis – I learnt it firsthand. I think that the modern health-care consumers deserve such home-based units to treat skin conditions. I have been using it at home for 5 months. The lamp was under guarantee and when the scalp comb broke down, I got a new lamp with a full package suit! Awesome service!

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