KN-4006AL/BL model is a wand-shaped UVB lamp with additional PUVA UV light irradiation. It is used for phototherapy sessions that can take place both at home and in the dermatologist’s cabinet. The Kernel lamp treats all the forms of Vitiligo, Eczema, Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Erosion, and other skin conditions caused by infections, fungal agents, allergic triggers, parasites. The 311 nm emission peak minimizes side effects such as skin redness and itching.

It is lightweight and easy-transportable. The Kernel lamp consists of two constituent parts: a stationary unit and a head with a UVB Philips bulb that provides enough exposure area for efficient treatment. The hand-held tube (the wand) can be rotated within 900. LCD is situated on the stand. Build-in time and a countdown option are available for risk-free phototherapy procedures. The KN-4006AL/BL narrowband lamp includes voice prompt functions for better operation. The package includes 110v/230v power adapters for any plugs to use.

This Kernel model has FDA and CE certifications. Most skin science clinics are equipped with KN-4006AL/BL. The automatic mode of operation prevents the risk of hyper-use and skin over-burning. The lamp can be put on the solid surface or be handled in hands. Both mild diseases and chronic skin conditions are treated through this model. It is recommended by modern dermatologists for home-based use because it is absolutely safe and effective. Additional to international healthcare standard compliance, the qualitative UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL is reasonably priced.

The longevity of sessions depends on the form of skin conditions, availability of complications from the illness, other factors. In most cases, severe Vitiligo, Psoriasis, and Eczema can be treated in 2-3 courses of phototherapy. Patients see first results after several sessions to be completed. Owing to careful skin burning and pain-free way of treatment, patients go into remission in 4-9 months.

The manufacturer of Kernel lamps guarantees 100% results to all users. The treatment device should be purchased from official distributors only. Our company is a trusted supplier of Kernel lamps. We offer to buy UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL officially at an affordable price. The constant customer service and warranty handling are available.

Main Characteristics:

  • Type: Narrowband UVB Lamp
  • Model Number: KN-4006AL/BL
  • Structure: Hand-held
  • Wavelength: 311nm
  • Lamp Life: 500h
  • Lamp Intensity: 0.6-2.5mW/cm2
  • Light Source: UVB Light
  • Internal Power: 2*9W-PUVA / 2*9W-NBUVB
  • Work Distance: 50 mm
  • LCD display: Yes
  • Built-in timer: Yes
  • Count-down Function: Yes

Packaging Details:

  • UVB Lamp – 1
  • UV Glasses – 1
  • Manual (Instructions) – 1
  • 110 v / 230 v Power Adapters – 1+1 (2)
Other conditions
Plaque Psoriasis Atopic Dermatitis Generalized Vitiligo Neurodermatitis
Guttate Psoriasis Contact Dermatitis Segmental Vitiligo Skin Erosion
Inverse Psoriasis Dyshidrotic eczema Universal Vitiligo Ringworm
Pustular Psoriasis Nummular eczema Lip-tip Vitiligo
Erythrodermic Psoriasis Seborrheic Dermatitis
Psoriatic arthritis Stasis Dermatitis

Results before and after

Name: George, 47 years old
Skin Condition: Vitiligo
Treatment Time: 8 weeks
Number of session: 20
Average treatment time: 5 min
Skin type: IV
Location: Hands, legs
Equipment: UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL

UV lamp KN-4003BL

UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 1 UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 2

Name: Jeff, 51 years old
Skin Condition: Psorias
Treatment Time: 7 weeks
Number of session: 21
Average treatment time: 4 min
Skin type: II
Location: Hands
Equipment: UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL

UV lamp KN-4003BL

UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 3 UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 4


Yes, the US FDA has approved the products we sell for distribution in the US (FDA K132643).


Yes, all of the UVB lamps in our online store use Philips Narrowband UVB 311nm bulbs. The lamps are categorized to help you locate our products in search engines. Please consult with your doctor to determine if UVB phototherapy is appropriate for your skin condition.


The UVB Lamps we sell only use Philips bulbs. Philips rates the normal life of the bulb for 1,000 hours; the UVB Lamp manufacturer recommends replacing the bulb after 350 hours of use.


Only your doctor can determine whether UVB phototherapy treatment is appropriate for you if your skin condition is currently being treated (or has recently been treated) with another method.


Only your doctor can determine a most effective, safe, and appropriate dosing schedule for your skin disorder.



Additional information

Lamp Intensity

Mobile Application

Use type


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19 reviews for UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL

  1. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Mr O.

    Hi, I am Katherine from London, and I was waiting for my lamp for more than a month … Of course, I have only myself to blame. I did not check my personal data and the parcel was lost for some time. The UVB device serves well – I started my eczema treatment a week ago.

  2. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    I am 34 years old, I have perioral dermatitis. My derm doctor liked my results but I was waiting for a faster effect. Additionally, I hoped to get an insurance monetary compensation for the UVB purchase.

  3. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    George, 22 years old

    I remember that in childhood other kids did not play with me because of my lip-tip vitiligo. They called me a beast, an alien, and other invidious ones. I thought that in future I will be an adult and everything will change. But my appearance was my woe. At school, in college. In summer camps – everywhere I was messed around. Moustaches were hiding only some vitiligo skin condition but it was one of the ways to make my appearance more attractive to other people. Once I saw a website with UVB lamps and decided to try one of them. I chose UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL in the catalogue and before the order competition had turned to the dermatologists. When all tests were passed I was ready for treatment. Here are photos “before” and “after” 4 months of phototherapy. My ingenuous smile is proof that I am 100 % satisfied with the effect. No lotions, no drug therapy – only regular sessions with the help of ultraviolet lamp. A word on this model: it is very compact and has enough functions for everyday usage. There is a built-in timer and a voice prompt option are available. I went into remission now and I am happy to visit public places with near and dear ones. I love my job and my life at all. I think that phototherapy is the most efficient way to heal vitiligo skin condition. My dermatologist is pleased with results and so do I!

  4. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    Very comfortable design and compact size. It gives me the opportunity to have sessions anywhere. I ordered a UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL online, at an affordable price – about $300. I am satisfied!

  5. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    M. Hvelplund

    I like the way it treats! My palms were covered with plaques and now I have almost got over psoriasis. No creams, pills and other ways of treatment were as effective as this UV lamp is. The phototherapy is easy, and can be done at home. Now I am in remission, it is a miracle because I am 47 years old and my psoriasis has a chronic form.

  6. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Susan, 43 years old

    I was suffering from stasis eczema for a long period of life. I found one lotion that helped my irritated skin to calm a little. And that’s all – no effects were observed. I thought that it is my destiny to feel painful sensations all my life. Nevertheless, my best friend once brought me a brochure with UVB lamps and a phototherapy description. I read this prospect twice before seeing fit to order this device. You see, I am not so young to believe everything. My skepticism hampered my fight with eczema. However, my wife pushed me through and I bought a lamp. Of course, I was waiting for immediate results. I thought that the innovative device was my panacea. The snake oil, you know. That is why the beginning of treatment did not meet my expectations. One week, the second week, almost a month but no remission. Only then I decided to consult the dermatologist and after a range of tests we understood that ultraviolet lamps are really effective. Phototherapy cures and provides my skin with a positive effect. So, I lifted in spirits and continued my sessions at home. First, my wife helped me. My adult son explained it to me beforehand as well. Then I managed to run everyday procedures myself. Now I see a good result. Look at my legs – they are eczema-free!!! Sometimes I even do not believe that it is possible to heal stasis eczema at home, in my middle age. I can recommend the UVB lamp. It is very convenient and its functions are well-thought! Thank you.

  7. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    I like it because besides the aesthetic pleasure I felt pain relief caused by dermatitis shoulder-based sites. I live in Hamilton, the delivery was organized to this location. I like that goggles and USB cable were included into the package.

  8. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Steve S

    We are from Boston, we bought the UVB lamp to treat early skin spots our daughter has because of atopic dermatitis. My child even sleeps better after a week of sessions. The huge advantage of this UV lamp is easy-operativeness and its compact size.

  9. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    I dislike side effects that I have. I bought KN-4003B1/B2 for acne treatment and am afflicted with skin redness. I am a Washington-based blogger and this aspect disturbs me. But the comfortable use and an affordable price undercut this minus.

  10. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    I like that I could order KN-4006AL/BL online. I made a cashless payment. The lamp is convenient. No complicated functions, built-in timer for better operation, small size and of course – high efficiency. My treatment has not finished yet but vitiligo backs down.

  11. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    I like its mini size, the battery is powerful. Let’s see how it goes. I passed about 12 sessions against dyshidrotic eczema. My palm skin became healthier, I felt better. The KN-4003B1/B2 price is affordable and instruction is very detailed.

  12. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Stella, 19 years old

    I cannot wait, so I decided to share my review right after a week of my phototherapy. My name is Stella. I am 19 years old. My most terrible problem is psoriasis. But as you can see in the photo, I have the determination of achieving my sacred goal – to defeat this annoying skin condition. The idea to buy a UVB lamp was sudden. I was surfing the net and found the list of UV lamps for sale. It is difficult to describe my feelings – from the first side I was ready to purchase this device right at that moment, from other hand – I was afraid to waste money that can be spent on my lotions and the private derm doctor’s visits. I looked at reviews other people posted under goods and found this lamp as the real masterpiece, the weapon against psoriasis. Speaking about the ordered lamp, I am satisfied with everything. It is small, lightweight and easily-operational. After two sessions I had a head of details and no instruction is needful anymore. 4 stars from me because I am a very impatient customer! I see the passing result and I want my desirable remission then and there. But it is only my fancy. The lamp works wonderful and is worth its cost for sure! I look at my legs with pride and dream about seaside vacation in my new bikini.

  13. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Davis KY

    I have had an awful experience of a 10-year struggle with nummular eczema. My derma doctor recommended three years ago to try phototherapy. First, I tried another device in the clinic. One session cost $150! It is too expensive. I decided to buy KN-4006AL/BL for home usage and I am glad with home-based results!

  14. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Vivek D

    Super effect! It should be advised by all dermatologists over the world! Additionally, the lamp is cheap. Yes, you spent $350 only once. One my lotion against microbial eczema cost about $200 each month! Recommend!

  15. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    I bought KN-4006AL/BL online. When I became almost vitiligo free, I dropped the lamp and now I am afraid to use it. This case is not covered by the warranty regulations.

  16. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    As for me the price is not affordable for all patients. Most of us are afraid to waste money without any experience. Now I know that it is worth buying. KN-4006AL/BL really works. Additionally, I like customer service – I contacted the company’s representatives twice.

  17. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    My son is waiting for immediate results. Atopic dermatitis makes his life a burden. Three months of treatment and scarcely noticeable results. But our doctor is glad, so am I. I like that 80 % of the UVB lamp cost was covered by insurance.

  18. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5

    Katherine, 19 years old

    I want to share with doubters my story. Read it and order this UVB lamp without any contradictions. I am a student and almost all the period of my education I spent at home. The key reason is my perioral dermatitis. I disliked my face, my nose, my lips. When all my friends were having parties and tried to build romantic relationships, I was bored and unsatisfied with my skin. No, it does not mean that I was doing nothing. I had many pills, lotions, and creams to use. But nothing helped. When some boy invited me for a date, I refused at sight. I was afraid that someone would touch my irritated lips, cheeks on the back row in the cinema… Nevertheless, I had good marks and a perfect reputation in the university. One of my teachers kept me after classes and told me about phototherapy. Oh, what a wonderful suggestion she made me a year ago! I read a lot about UVB lamps and decided to ask my parents to buy me this device. My mother gave way on the treatment. All my sessions were held at home. I mean my parents saw the process and were not afraid of my health. The lamp is perfect! The head can be rotated, the device has a very stable position. I use a timer to regulate the longevity of each session myself. As you can see, my face is almost free of perioral dermatitis. Swollen skin is not about me anymore! I have a good time with friends, I have a boyfriend, I am happy. My profound admiration and recommendation!

  19. UV lamp KN-4006AL/BL | UVB Cure | 5


    The model has a wide function set (voice prompt option, rotated treatment head, etc.). I understood how to operate it in 5 minutes. I am an attractive 20-year old woman with healthy skin! Yes, I did away with neurodermatitis. Regards from Oakville, Canada.

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