Psoriasis Treatment Before and After – Real Results of the UV Treatment Patient

My name is Jenifer, and I was living a terrible life a year ago. I hated my reflection in the mirror – my scalp was covered with the plaque psoriasis patches. Look at the first picture on the psoriasis treatment “before” and “after”. The scalp and the forehead was afflicted by the pink and white scaly layer.

I brushed my hair feeling painful sensations. I hated hairdos – any arrangements with hair brought itchiness! My mother bought numerous lotions that were helpless but, at the same time, very expensive. When I was 16, I decided to stop this struggle and reconcile my awful reality. I asked my Mom not to buy any creams and “magic” bottles anymore. I thought that there was no effective method to outdo annoying plaques.

Psoriasis Before and After – My Story

A year ago after my psoriasis-based defeat, I met my ex-classmate. She looked wonderful. I remembered that she suffered from the same skin problems. Julia explained that she threw off the disease due to the phototherapy, and gave me contacts of her dermatologist.

I visited Mrs. Martin, she examined me and proved the diagnosis. My doctor advised me to buy the UVB lamp to have home-based ultraviolet treatment. She showed me some psoriasis before and after pictures of her former patients. I could not believe it but decided to try.

Psoriasis Treatment – Before and After Results

My father was not enthusiastic about purchasing the UVB lamp, but we found with my mother a budget-friendly variant with positive feedback from users on the Internet. I was happy when the Kernel model was finally ordered.

Everything was clear from the very beginning of the treatment. My UVB light therapy was controlled by Mrs. Martin in a remote mode. I sent her my photos with the results of psoriasis treatment before and after each 5 days. First, I saw no effect. I breathed freely when the dermatologist said that it is normal. On a related note, I did not notice side effects – my skin looked better, lighter, healthier.

In the first week, I should obtain a 30-seconds session; the next week I was recommended to increase the longevity of one cycle up to 1 minute. Thanks to the built-in timer of the Kernel lamp, proper timing is not a problem. Visible results became well-seen after a month of my phototherapy at home. It is worth mentioning that the lamp is:

  • hand-held;
  • lightweight;
  • compact.

It is comfortable to use it even out of the home. It also contains a special comb for scalp healing like in my case. I have never missed my sessions, and here is a result! Now, I am a psoriasis-free person. To rule in remission, I consult my dermatologist regularly.

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