My husband, Jeff, has had Psoriatic arthritis psoriasis on both hands for many years. But look at pictures with the result of psoriasis before and after! My husband feels like a free and healthy person.

The disease appears in periodic pain, stiffness, and swelling of the joints on the fingers. They swell like “sausages” and acquire a red-cyanotic color of the skin. All sore spots itch a lot. My husband tried many types of treatment: from ointments and pledgets to the course of injections. But not a single method gave a lasting effect. During exacerbations, the disease caused him severe suffering. Honestly, we despaired of finding an effective remedy.

The Results of Psoriasis Treatment: Before and After

About six months ago, the treating dermatologist changed. Our new doctor advised a method of ultraviolet irradiation. She prescribed the UVB lamp KN-4006AL/BL.

The doctor gave an order to handle a phototherapy procedure every two days. She recommended starting with warming up for 30 seconds per section. Then every week, it was necessary to increase the procedure time by 15 seconds. So after 1.5 months, he warmed his fingers for 2 minutes. The doctor warned not to expect instant changes. In the first couple of weeks, the effect did not appear.

After a month, the first results of psoriasis treatment before and after became noticeable:

  • The heavy raised scaly red spots became smooth with light spots.
  • Flaked scales disappeared, and the itching stopped.
  • The redness was still visible, but it diminished.
  • The doctor forbade to use moisturizers before the procedure as they reduced the positive effect.

How to Use Kernel UVB Lamp for Psoriasis: Before and After

What did my husband like about the device for psoriasis treatment before and after? There were several factors:

  • The handle with the lamp rotates 90 degrees. He put it on the table and directed the rays on both hands. The lamp runs on the battery. So, Jeff had procedures even at work during the break.
  • Thanks to narrow bands with ultraviolet light, he warmed up only the diseased areas of the skin and joints, without affecting the healthy part of the arm.
  • The built-in timer on the display helped to calculate the time and not to look at the watch.
  • Voice prompt function told him when to go to another finger.

We decided to post pictures of psoriasis before and after to show how effective a Kernel UV lamp is. Apply to your dermatologist to take a prescription. You won’t believe it until you try this device.

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