I have been suffering from inverse psoriasis for 15 years. The results of psoriasis before and after the treatment were the same. Red plaques appear on the back, which can peel off, during hot weather, they begin to bend, creating skin irritation.

Kernel UV Lamp for Psoriasis: Before and After

My wife is constantly looking for new treatments. We tried everything: dietary supplements, creams, ointments, vitamins, lotions, baths. But either there was no effect, or there was a short-term improvement. At one forum, she was advised the UV lamp KN-4006A/B. It uses two types of beams: A and B.

My wife was impressed by the pictures of psoriasis treatment before and after. I decided to consult my dermatologist. He approved the treatment method based on the ultraviolet irradiation and wrote a prescription. I didn’t hope much, but the UV lamp KN-4006A/B works! Look at the pictures!

The Procedure of Psoriasis Treatment: Before and After

My doctor advised me to start warming up the affected areas for 1 minute every other day. The dermatologist prescribed an increase in the time of procedures by 10 seconds every time. 1,5 weeks later, it reached 2 minutes. Warming up for more than 2 minutes can cause skin burn. My dermatologist forbade me to increase the time. Even at the initial stage, the result of using the UV lamp became noticeable: the plaques disappeared, the skin regained natural pigmentation. I made photos of my psoriasis treatment before and after to show them here. It is worth mentioning several advantages due to which I like the device:

  • Using two UVB bulbs allowed me to process large areas on the body, like my back.
  • There are two possible warm-up positions: stationary and hand-held. The handle with the lamp is lightweight and comfortable to hold in the hand. It can rotate 90 degrees. So I carried out the procedure myself without help.
  • The display showed the time of the procedure and notified me about the end.
  • Due to a convenient device design, I used it at home or on the road not to interrupt my treatment course.

It is important to note that during the first week of use, you should not expect a visible result of psoriasis before and after. The main thing is to continue treatment, and after a couple of weeks, the plaques begin to pass. After six weeks of use, the natural color of the skin is almost restored.

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