My bilateral vitiligo form was not problematic until the spots became larger and lighter. I didn’t feel discomfort or itching, these were white places that looked awful. In the pictures, I showed my case of vitiligo phototherapy: before and after.

It wasn’t attractive and I couldn’t put on open shirts when I met my girlfriend. These complexes became more difficult and I decided to find an effective treatment. I visited many derma doctors who offered creams to even out skin color. But such a result would be temporary and I was looking for a long-term solution. I have chosen a new way – UVB light for vitiligo and I do not regret my right decision.

Wonderful Result of Vitiligo Phototherapy: Before and After

I bought this UVB lamp for vitiligo but I had no serious hopes for an excellent result. I read various reviews and opinions of doctors saying that the effect won’t be complete and some of the spots will remain. I was hoping to get rid of the large white parts so that I could feel more confident. I travel often for work and I needed a compact model, so the doctor offered me a Kernel UV lamp – model KN-4006AL/BL.

Convenient design allows me to carry it in a backpack and use it in hotels. My work trips became better because I combined this with treatment. The healthcare specialist also advised to follow a diet and use an additional cream. I finished the full course – 20 sessions.

I read about procedures for 60 periods, but there were more advanced forms of this disease. My vitiligo phototherapy: before and after shows that effectiveness depends on the level of complications. This UVB light for vitiligo should be used for about a minute and then gradually increase the time for the skin to adapt. Then I increased the periods and the result I saw after 8-10 days. White spots became a little darker.

Why am I Satisfied with UVB Light for Vitiligo?

My result of vitiligo phototherapy: before and after proves that it helps. I liked that this device doesn’t need to be heated for a long time, the narrowband bulbs work immediately. High efficiency is provided due to the increased level of radiation (not dangerous). The control goes via Bluetooth on your smartphone (install a simple app). I also liked:

  • All therapy’s timetable in mobile mode.
  • A limiter for the required distance to the skin.
  • Remote consultation and coordination of the moments of therapy with the doctor.
  • Lightweight and comfortable shape.
  • Built-in timer.

I decided to share my pictures of the treatment and productivity of the UVB lamp for vitiligo. Perhaps many people also don’t believe in such a miracle but I made sure that the result can be incredible. This Kernel UV Lamp made my problem almost invisible and I’m very glad that I can return to my usual life without constraint and complexes.

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