Kernel Lamp for Skin Treatment — Vitiligo Phototherapy Before and After Results

Kernel Lamp for Skin Treatment — Vitiligo Phototherapy Before and After Results

Look at my vitiligo phototherapy “before” and “after” photos to see the difference between the condition of my skin a year ago and now. Every girl dreams about a perfect body, clean skin, long hair, attractive appearance. My desire was to overcome infighting with lip-tip vitiligo. The first symptoms appeared 3 years ago. I caught a severe sunburn in the summer and my skin on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck began to peel off.

As a result, in two months I noticed some light spots on the left temple and between eyebrows. I did not care about those changes and used facial cosmetics to hide defects. But two weeks later, I found new whitish discolored patches on my cheeks and on the neck. I was scared to death and told everything to my Mom.

Medications or UVB Light for Vitiligo — What is the Best?

My parents contacted one derm doctor who suggested passing the medication course against facial depigmentation. I was surprised that no examination and blood tests were done before a prescription of pills took place. Nevertheless, my hope was stronger than doubts. We spent a lot of money on drugs but I still hated pictures I took for the dermatologist.

My Dad decided to stop this useless treatment and found another healthcare specialist. My new doctor explained to me that the lip-tip vitiligo could be healed with the help of phototherapy. I underwent testing. My doctor used Wood’s lamp to determine all the damaged zones. She asked parents to order a specified UVB lamp for vitiligo. We bought a compact Kernel device that is recommended for my skin condition and others like:

  • dermatitis;
  • psoriasis;
  • eczema, etc.

My dermatologists set 30 seconds of irradiation sessions for each zone with patches. It is worth noting that the UV light for vitiligo produced by the narrowband bulbs of the Kernel model burnt my skin carefully. I did not feel discomfort and itching that my derm doctor warned of.
One more thing she gave notice was my first results – they would be visible in a couple of weeks only. I was waiting for the effect and did not miss the sessions. After two weeks of treatment, I took just another portion of vitiligo phototherapy before and after pictures, and was surprised with differences!

Vitiligo Phototherapy Before and After: Photos as Proof of the Treatment Efficiency

The UVB lamp for vitiligo KN-4003AL/BL included a special comb for the scalp that made my sessions more comfortable when I needed to treat my forehead and the neck backend near hair. I liked its built-in timer that switched off the device at the specified time. Due to the hand-held device, bulbs provided sufficient exposure of the UVB light for vitiligo and my treatment brought stable positive results.

I had three 2-month courses of phototherapy during last year before the remission took place. Now, I am pleased with my appearance! I recommend phototherapy and Kernel lamps to those who suffer from skin conditions.

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